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At some point, homeowners choose to sell their houses. It can be because they want to start life afresh in a new location, job re-location, health, among other reasons. When putting your home up for sale, it is important to ensure you sell it at a value that will make you feel content.

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Roofs are a thing of beauty. And if you need one, I’m your guy. We have over 20 years of experience in residential roofing. We offer free estimates and work on most insurance claims. I am a fully licensed, bonded and insured roofer, who specializes in all aspects of roofs. We have 5 out of 5 stars for my roofing service – call me to discuss your needs.

Today, homebuyers are more conscious about what they are buying. This behavior is inspired by the current trends, weather changes, and a desire to experience value for money. If you hope to dispose of an old house with bad shingles, probably Victorian, you can increase its value by roofing maintenance and repairs.

Here is how it helps increase the value:

It Improves the Aesthetics

Like we have mentioned earlier, one of the inspirations of homebuyers while buying a house is value for money. An old and rotting roof is a turn-off for buyers who want to get the best from their investment. It is no surprise that some sellers have their property in the marketplace for long while others only have theirs for a few weeks and are sold. To remain competitive in the market, consider repairing or renovating your roof, depending on the damage extent. A full renovation will be necessary if yours has undergone major damages. You can seek roofing and maintenance services from professionals who have handled such work before. Repairing a damaged roof makes your house look more appealing and valuable. Now that the old and ugly shingles have been replaced, it becomes easy to get potential prospects.

It Provides Better Insulation

A damaged roof allows cold and warm air to seep into the house when unwanted. It makes it challenging to keep the home’s environment regulated. This lack of control make the house uncomfortable, and those living in it can barely relax. If you are considering selling such a home, do thorough roofing and maintenance. Repairing the roof ensures you have sealed all the cracks and replaced the rotten materials that compromise your roof’s insulating properties.

It Helps in Protecting the Property

No one wants to purchase a property they will keep feeling insecure about their belongings. Apart from being ugly, old and ill-maintained roofs are not efficient in protecting property from weather elements. This can lead to more damages and losses. Water leaks from the roof, causing mold and rot to the property it touches. Some roofs are so damaged that they allow the strong sun rays, making the property inside fade. To prevent all the mess, consider repairing or renovating your roof. It gives buyers confidence when buying the house that their stuff will be safe and in good shape.

It is a Long-term Investment

It is easy to get tempted into thinking that roofing maintenance cost is ridiculously high and unnecessary. But, it is one of the best home investments a homeowner can make. Because a house is a permanent structure, it will require both minor and major repairs with time. If your roof is much damaged, a complete renovation is an excellent choice. Initially, you will find the cost high but worth it in the long run. How? Small repairs on such roofs will be required frequently until your roof can take such no more. You will have used a lot of money and end up doing a complete renovation, something you could have opted for earlier.

Gives You Extended Warranties

A complete renovation is one of the main roofing and maintenance repairs. It is recommended for a roof that has major damage issues that simple repairs cannot correct. One of the perks of this type of maintenance is it comes with a warranty. Once you call for professional roofing maintenance services, the contractor comes with a warranty for the material and the services. Today, these warranties go for more than 30 years, which means no worries in the next 3 decades. In case of any damages caused by installation integrity or the material wearing before this period is over, you get the warranty’s benefits with no questions.

Do you have a house that you intend to sell for any reason? Consider checking its roof’s conditions to enjoy higher asking prices from the customers. You can upgrade your roof some few years before selling, and if your budget allows, a few months before selling. A good-looking roof with good shingles makes a good selling point to homeowners who want to relax and enjoy their new residence hassle-free. Most roofers in South Jordan will be able to provide you with a free inspection so you can see the value of your roof.
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